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Creating a Cinematic Language (Subject to Update)

If one is seriously concerned with cinema. Then one must also seriously ask themselves the question of:

What is the nature of cinema?

Cinema, in its relation to all other art forms, is not like art or photography, as one may believe. No, cinema’s greatest equivalent is music. For this purpose: Cinema is an art of time and space manipulation.

Therefore, how does one achieve cinematic purity? We have swung long into darkness, but it is time to bring light on these existing revelations if they are thought to be true. Cinema does indeed have it’s own language, but can it be formally constructed into a better proof in order for it to achieve this “Cinematic Purity”, as mentioned before. I tend to think so. In music, musicians are given a musical bar which dictates finer tunes of musical creation. Cannot cinema have the same type of equivalent? If we are not dealing with time and space relations. Sweet and sour notes within the confines of  our very edited constructions?

Music Bar

Should we follow our predecessors?

I’m not suggesting we should adapt the musical bar as our graph in our cinematic constructions. No, I’m suggesting that the cinematic theorists, serious theorists such as myself; must look beyond the already formulated opinions, look deep within the realms of time and space language, and apply them to the cinematic arts which has roots in script, music, and various different arts. When the work is done, and the investigation is over, cinema will at last be a whole art.


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