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The Element of Fire, (Fire Montage).

I wanted to express the concept of fire, the nature of it, through editing principals. Much of which I realized through the work of Stan Brakhage. In it, the image doesn’t take much precedent, but rather the editing concepts which take a firmer forefront. The mise-en-scene provides an image for a 1/10 a second, and the editing, dissolves, link these images together with more influence than it’s mise-en-scene counterpart. The results of which become a “Fire Montage”, because the images, (cropped from a single fire image), edited together this way give the viewer an illusion of “Fire” when there isn’t any “Fire” to speak of being filmed.

In this realization, I’ve begun to think that perhaps that many concepts can be edited this way, and that perhaps this “Illusion of Fire” is one step in a much larger direction. That perhaps all a film can be, or consist of, is a series of cinematic illusions giving the impression that you are seeing what you are seeing, when in fact you are not seeing what your eyes are perceiving at all. It’s just an illusion of optics through the use of cinematic principals.


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