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The “Dot and Line” Film.

Imagine this if you will. Say you have ten random shots or sequences, that when added together one way produces a singular film of a singular meaning or impact; but when added together another way the entire definition of it changes and it is wholly different from the singular film before, with entirely different meanings or impacts. So at once, added together this film could be a romance, in the next, a comedy, in the next, an action film. How can this be done? The idea came to me over the course of plotting down dotted points on a piece of paper, and at glance, it became apparent one could create a multiple amount of interpretations drawing a line from one point to the next. Think of these “dotted points” as shots/sequences, the “lines” between them are their editing values that could produce a multitude of films from the “dots” plotted down before you. What needs to happen, in order for this to work, is for the filmmaker to give each “dot” slack, then tighten the “line” in the editing process. As I feel an experiment doesn’t work unless people are able to “understand” and more importantly “feel” the work.


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