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“The Multi-Film”.

A Premise

A Premise


The image above, taken at glance, can be interpreted two ways. We can see a Young Woman in her prime, or an Old Lady past it. But the image above provides a unique premise if we look past what we take at initial value and more in a perspective of the “possibilities” of “how” we can┬áperceive. Is it so that given the right circumstances of illustration and set up that a film’s very mise-en-scene can provide such a multiple perspective? I believe it can be done. Is it also so that given the right circumstances of editing that the very edit itself can also provide multiple interpretations, as with the mise-en-scene? To this too, I say I believe it can be done. But what would be the resulting film if conceived correctly? Imagine this if you will: You’ll watch a film which can be interpreted as an action film, a drama, a romance, a comedy, a combination of all or some, or something mutually exclusive. It would all depend on how the viewer chooses the view the film. One person may say, “It was a romantic comedy”, while another person getting out of it at the same time would say, “It was a action-packed suspense film”. And these very same people, maybe viewing it again on a later date, would change their opinions entirely. This is what I call, “The Multi-Film”, because it is an chameleon, it changes as the viewers perspective changes.


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