The MacGuffin in Dualism: Additional Explanation

Q: “What is a MacGuffin, and how does it work?”
A: “A MacGuffin is a plot device which ‘gets the ball rolling’, ultimately this device usually becomes irrelevant. To illustrate how it works, I’ll use the analogy of a ball and time… when time begins in a narrative you have a single ball, this is your initial point of interest, your plot device, but as time goes on, this ball deflates as smaller balls, (actions), are resulting from the primary, deflating ball… at which point, when the narratives time has ended, the primary ball no longer remains and the smaller balls resulting from the initial deflating primary ball merge into an entirely new ball. This new ball is usually the films climatic conclusion, the narratives “duration-end”… but what’s interesting to note is this “new ball” could be considered a new MacGuffin from which another narrative could spring… infinitely, since the ball’s deflation/inflation is always in flux.”


So adding to the “MacGuffin in Dualism” and the recent light shed that MacGuffins can be trigger points to infinite plot loops. I propose this, say you have two MacGuffins circling round each other, each feeding off of each other bringing themselves into their demise AND their existence, infinitely. That to me seems a concept worth investigating.

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